Warning – burglaries

Neighbors –

A few days ago a white mini-van was stolen from a home in Carriage Wood.  There was also a house burglary in Candlewood Ridge last week and there have been other attempted car thefts.
Be aware of your surroundings. Keep you doors and windows locked when you are not at home.
Park your cars in the garage. If this is not possible, make sure all items (garage door openers, boxes, purses, interesting items) are removed from the vehicle,
make sure the vehicle is locked, and park your vehicle in a well lighted area.
If you see suspicious activity, report it.
The HOA encourages you to get to know your neighbors and form a Block Watch.
Stolen mail is constantly a concern – please work with others on your mail box stand and invest in good locking mail boxes.
Each homeowner doing a little will make the community a safer place for our families.

Thank you, Your Board of Directors