Payment Information

Please be sure to provide the owners’ names and the property address. According to HOA policy, the Association shall apply all payments to satisfy all outstanding interest, fees, fines, etc. before applying to the regular dues assessment.

HOA Dues

HOA dues can be paid quarterly.  Dues payments are due by the first of the month for each quarter.  For every account with an outstanding balance, statements are mailed on the first of the month prior to the start of each quarter (e.g. December 1st is the mailing date for for 1st quarter dues, which are due by January 1st).  Payments are considered late 30 days after the due date.


Currently Accepted Payment Methods


Mail a Payment

Mail a Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check. Payment should be made out to the CR/CW HOA and mailed to:

P.O. Box 803555
Dallas, TX 75380-3555

Payments should be mailed so that they are received before the due date.

Set up an ACH payment with your bank

ACH bill pay may be setup through your banking system. You may also configure this method to be auto-pay, if desired.