Submission request forms are provided below for your convenience.

Please complete, sign, date and mail your forms to:

P.O. Box 803555
Dallas, TX 75380-3555

CRCW HOA Form for Architectural Control Request


2023 CR_CW HOA Owner and Resident Form

2023 CR_CW HOA Non-Resident Owner Form

Adult Family Home Registration Form

Architectural Modifications

When you landscape your yard or modify the exterior of your home, fences, walls or other structures, you must submit your plans to the CR/CW HOA’s Board of Directors in writing for approval. The CR/CW HOA’s Board of Directors has 30 days to review such requests and makes every effort to expedite response. If you do not receive a response within the designated time period, you may assume your plans were approved.  If you want to paint your house, even if it is the same color as it is currently painted, you must submit a request and include the paint color you want to paint it, indicating what will be painted what colors (i.e. SW 7004 will be used for the trim).  All modifications to your property must meet the HOA’s CC&Rs as well as the ACC’s Guidelines and be approved before starting work.

More Information: Approval Process Overview ACC Guidelines

Pre-approved roofing materials:

This is a list of roofing materials that currently meet our criteria.

However, all re-roofing projects must submit an ACR form and be approved before the project commences.

Roofing material must be 300 pound per square minimum and have a 40-year warrantee.

    • GAF Grand Sequoia – approved 2016
    • GAF Grand Canyon – approved 2016
    • GAF Camelot – approved 2016
    • GAF Glenwood – approved 2016
    • CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL (480) – approved 2017
    • CertainTeed Presidential Shake (355) – approved 2017
    • CertainTeed Presidential Solaris Gold (355) – approved 2017
    • CertainTeed Carriage House (355) – approved 2017
    • CertainTeed Grand Manor (425) – approved 2017
    • CertainTeed Arcadia Shake (450) – approved 2017 Malarkey Windsor – approved 2017
    • Malarkey Windsor XL – approved 2017
    • Malarkey Ecoasis – approved 2017
    • Owen Corning Woodcrest (350) – approved 2017
    • Owen Corning Woodmoor (365) – approved 2017
    • Owen Corning Duration Max (355) – approved 2021
    • Owen Corning Berkshire (360) – approved 2017
    • Pabco Paramount (360) – approved 2019

Shed Size Limits:  10 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet high

CRCW HOA Form for Architectural Control Request


Report Offending Conduct

All complaints must be received in writing and signed by the author. Complaints are kept confidential and you will remain anonymous. Your name, address and phone number must be included on the written Complaint Form so that the CR/CW HOA may notify you that the issue is being addressed.

More Information: Complaints and Problems


Problems and Complaints

The established CR/CW HOA policy is to act on perceived violations of the CR/CW HOA’s CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations (R&Rs), submitted to the CR/CW HOA by residents or homeowners. The complaint must be submitted in writing and signed by the author. Letters should be addressed to the Complaints Committee at the CR/CW HOA’s mailing address listed on this website. Each written complaint should state the facts of the violation clearly and identify the location of the problem (including the exact address with house number and street). The author’s name, address and phone number must be included so the Complaint Committee may ask for additional information if necessary and to notify the author of complaint disposition. The CR/CW HOA will keep confidential, to the full extent of the law, all personal information that is submitted, including the complainant’s name.

Regardless, of the source of the complaint, all complaints will be investigated by the Complaint Committee and a determination made as to the validity of the complaint. If the complaint is determined to be valid, the Complaint Committee will typically pursue the problem following the enforcement guidelines established and approved by the CR/CW HOA’s Board of Directors. At this point, resolution of the complaint is the responsibility of the Complaint Committee and the CR/CW HOA’s Board of Directors.

Homeowner noncompliance in correcting a violation submitted to them by the Complaint Committee may result in fines being imposed and/or the matter being turned over to the Association’s attorney. The Association’s R&Rs provide for an Appeal Process whereby a homeowner may request a hearing to offer a defense or explanation to the imposition of a violation and/or fines.

The complaint process was put into place to identify and correct violations to the CR/CW HOA’s CC&Rs and R&Rs. These documents were established to set standards which when followed, will ensure all homes within the CR/CW HOA will maintain their appearance and value. The CR/CW HOA does not have the resources to hire a service to inspect for compliance, but the CR/CW Board of Directors will do an all-association inspection for compliance when time and volunteers permit. Otherwise, we rely on each resident or homeowner to report violations in a timely manner when they are observed.