2023 CR/CW HOA Spring Walk Through

It is time for our annual postcard compliance process! During May/beginning of June, members of our volunteer Board along with other community volunteers will be assessing properties throughout the neighborhood to make sure they are following Candlewood Ridge and Carriagewood HOA standards. Those properties that exceed the criteria will be labeled “Star Properties”. “Star Properties” receive a star letter that can be shared with realtors and indicates exceeding compliance standards.  A follow-up review will be performed late June, early July.


If during the walk-about, the volunteer committee notices properties that are out-of-compliance (a summary of most compliance standards is included with this letter. Full HOA governing documents can be found at www.crcwhoa.com), those owners will receive a postcard or letter notice regarding the necessary changes to bring your property into compliance. After receiving a postcard or letter notice of out-of-compliance items, please:

  • Address the items noted on the card or in the letter
  • Contact the HOA Board to tell them you have finished the work or need to request more time

The HOA Board can be contacted through Email:     crcwhelp@gmail.com  or  By mail:  (CR/CW HOA, PO Box 58397,  Renton WA 98058)

When you email or write, have your questions about the findings, your property address, and the understanding that the volunteer Board is made up of volunteers who live in your neighborhood and are taking time away from their family, work, and other obligations to help make our community a better place to live. The volunteer Board is willing to work with you to address your issues BUT they can only do this if you contact them at crcwhelp@gmail.com or by mail at the above address.

If you are having trouble meeting any of these standards because of any circumstance, please contact us at admin@crcwhoa.org and let us know if you need assistance.

If you have and questions or concerns, please contact your Association at: crcwhelp@gmail.com .

Summary of most CR/CW HOA Governing Document Requirements

(see www.crcwhoa.com for all the HOA governing documents)

  Exterior Appearances

  1. Painting* of the exterior of the house will be requested if the following are visible:
  • Chipped or flaking paint as seen from the curb
  • Faded paint as seen from the curb
  • Bare wood as seen from the curb
  • Damaged or deteriorated siding
  • Mold on the exterior of the house as seen from the curb (power washing is an alternative to remove the mold)
  1. Roofing Issues
  • Moss on roofs as seen from the curb
  • Gutters and downspouts clogged, missing, or detached*
  • Dirty Gutter exteriors should be cleaned or, if necessary, painted*

C.             Garbage cans/yard waste and/or recycling bins visible from the curb

  • No portion of the above bins can be seen from the street on non-collection days (except for after 3:00 p.m. on the day before collection day)

D.            Sidewalks, Driveways, Parking Strips, Walkways, Curbs, and storm drains on the front and sides of your property

  • Bushes and/or shrubs protrude onto the sidewalk (must be cut back flush with the edge of the sidewalk)
  • Trees that overhang on a sidewalk should be cut to allow an adult to walk on the sidewalk without ducking (you must provide a 6-foot 6-inch clearance)
  • Grass and/or weeds and/or moss in cracks in Sidewalks, Driveways, Parking Strips, Walkways, and Curbs <area between sidewalks and streets> must be removed (killing the weeds/grass/moss is not enough, they need to be removed)
  • Storm drains need to be kept clear (must be cleaned)
  • Parking strips must be approved, paved or covered in gravel, and have no weeds/grass/moss/debris

E.            Fences, Porches, Decks, and Chimneys visible from the street at the front or to the side of the property *

·         Must have moss and rotting portions removed, repaired, and replaced

·         Must be made out of approved materials and painted/stained with approved color and installed according to HOA requirements

·         Must be in repair (for example fences cannot be leaning against other portions of the lot)

·         Must be painted or stained in colors consistent with the house on the property and approved by the HOA (one side of fencing cannot be painted/stained differently than another section of fencing)

F.             Miscellaneous

·         Holiday Lights or other decorations must be taken down

·         The Fire and Police Department recommend that house numbers be posted on the house and be visible from the street without being blocked by landscaping. Printing house numbers on the curb is not a substitute because at the time of emergency a car could be parked over the curb painting making the markings not visible to emergency personnel.

*May require ACC approval


  1. Yards
  2. Lawn upgrades* will be requested if the:
  • Lawn contains weeds as seen from the curb (including clover)
  • Lawn contains bare patches of dirt or dead areas as seen from the curb
  • Lawn contains moss as seen from the curb
  • The lawn must have a trimmed edge on all sides
  • Grass is longer than 3 inches
  1. Flowerbed upgrades* will be requested if the:
  • Flowerbeds contain grass and/or weeds that are visible above and/or around the other vegetation
  • Flowerbeds and/or flowerpots contain dead plants
  • Flowerbeds must have a defined edge between themselves and the lawn or other areas touching them
  1. Bushes and shrubs upgrades will be requested if the:
  • Bushes, shrubs and/or plants are dead (removal will be required) *
  • Bushes and/or shrubs that are not trimmed and controlled (trimming will be required)
  1. Tree upgrades will be requested if the:
  • Trees are dead or a large portion is dying (removal may be required*)
  • Trees that block street lighting (trimming will be required)

III.       Vehicles

            Note:   The number of personal vehicles parked with the HOA for each property cannot exceed 4 vehicles.

  1. Recreational vehicles, trailers (of any kind or used for any purpose), or recreational equipment such as jet skis, ski-doos, or snowmobiles can be parked at property for only 72 consecutive hours at a time, no more than 14 days per quarter. The remainder of the time they must be stored off property or behind a fence or in the garage.
  2. Work or Commercial vehicles over a gross weight of 10,000 pounds cannot be parked at the property.
  3. All vehicles must have current registration/tabs.
  4. Vehicles, trailers, or recreational vehicle or equipment of any kind cannot be parked in the front yard.

*May require ACC approval


  1. Rental/Resident Information

 For any property that is not occupied by the owner, the HOA must receive current contact information for the owners AND names and contact information (phone and email) for every adult living at the property. This is true if the property is occupied by children, parents, other relatives, or friends. Using the non-resident homeowner form from the website, provide this to crcwhelp@gmail.com as soon as the owners no longer live at the property.


  1. Any property leased or rented to non-owners (even if the owners also live at the property) must comply with the Rental Rules and Regulations by:
  2. Having a current, signed lease with the tenants that includes specific HOA disclosure wording “The tenants, their family, and their guests agree to follow all CR/CW HOA governing documents found at www.crcwhoa.com or risk eviction.”
  3. Providing a copy of this current, signed, compliant lease to the HOA at crcwbookkeeper@gmail.com.
  4. Providing both pages of the non-resident registration form to the HOA at crcwbookkeeper@gmail.com.

 A special note for CORNER PROPERTIES: please be aware that you are responsible for the upkeep of the side of your lot (which includes fence, landscaping, grass, sidewalk, and curbs) in addition to the front of your property. 

 If you have and questions or concerns, please contact your Association at: crcwhelp@gmail.com .