Need Volunteers

The Board cannot support all the work that it would like to do without volunteers.  It already this year had to cancel the Easter Egg Hunt, then re-schedule it when some volunteers stepped up at the last minute.  The same thing happened to the Annual Garage Sale.  While we deeply appreciate the volunteers that stepped up at the last minute, we would like to see some home owners (or residents) volunteer to help out earlier in the process so that we do not confuse the home owners.  We need someone to run the Summer Event, if we are to have one.  Also we need people to help determine what to do with the Carriagewood Park basketball court, the landscaping in the common areas at the main entrance to Candlewood Ridge as well as the entrance signs that need updating.  Those tasks had been scheduled and budgeted for 2015 but will be slid to 2016 due to lack of time.  Please contact the Board or attend a meeting if you can help.