Architectural Control Approval Process Overview


To protect property values and help maintain a consistent, aesthetic appeal, landscaping and structural exterior modifications to CR/CW properties require written approval by the Board. Use the provided CRCW HOA Form for Architectural Control Request to submit your signed, written request.

Architectural regulations

Review the regulations regarding architectural or aesthetic modifications.
Approvals for all ACC requests are valid for 180 days. If project(s) are not completed before this expiration date, a new ACC request must be submitted.

Approval process

Prior to construction of a project, request forms (or the equivalent information) must be provided to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for each improvement approval requested.  They may be provided in paper format or, if no attachments such as paint chips need to be included, via e-mail to
The ACC is allowed up to thirty (30) days for the approval process. To allow for on-site inspections and proper processing, please remember to include lead time when submitting your project requests for ACC approval.
The ACC tries to process requests as quickly as possible, generally in considerably less than the allotted time, but needs this lead time for proper handling of requests, especially during busy construction seasons (spring / summer).
Include the list of dimensions and materials to be used, color samples, etc., and the estimated project completion date with your approval request form for all planned improvements. Use as many pages as needed. When repainting your house, you must submit an approval request form and color samples whether or not the color is changed.  Our color guidelines are as follows: Main Body – natural or earth tone colors, Trim – contrasting colors limited to doors and trim.  Please request more information via email at If you are building a deck, please note the distance from the property lines (sides, and back) on the approval request form. Incomplete information on request forms results in delays. So, for your sake and ours, please complete and be specific when preparing your improvement requests. All Count/City/State or othe Building Code Regulations are the responsibility of the Homeowner.
Remember, an ACC Request Form must be submitted and approval received by the requesting Homeowner before commencement of the project.
Thank you. The ACC Chairman


Roofing material

This is a list of roofing materials that currently meet our criteria.  However all re-roofing projects must submit an ACC request form and be approved before the project commences.  Roofing material must be 360 pound per square minimum and have a 40 year warrantee.

GAF Grand Sequoia – approved 2016
GAF Grand Canyon – approved 2016
GAF Camelot – approved 2016
GAF Glenwood – approved 2016
CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL – approved 2016
CertainTeed Presidential Shake – approved 2016
CertainTeed Presidential Solaris – approved 2016
CertainTeed Carriage House – approved 2015
CertainTeed Grand Manor – approved 2015
Owen Corning Woodcrest – approved 2014
Owen Corning Woodmoor – approved 2014
Owen Corning Duration Max – approved 2014
Owen Corning Berkshire – approved 2014
Pabco Premier Advantage – approved 2014
Pabco Paramount – approved 2015
IKO Armourshake – approved 2016
Other products will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the ACC Committee.
An ACC request form must be submitted and approval received before the commencement of all projects.


ACC Request Form