Architectural Changes

Please note that any changes to the appearance of your property that is apparent from the street or neighbors probably needs an approved Architectural Change Request Form.  This includes but is not limited to such items as painting your home (even if repainting the same color it currently is), adding, replacing or removing a fence, tree, porch, pavement (driveway, sidewalk or parking strip), lawn or plants or replacing a roof.  Repairs to a small section of fence or siding, so long as the repair is not going to change the appearance, do not need approval.  Any change that requires approval of colors such as paint, siding, or staining the colors must be submitted via U.S. Mail or dropped off at a Board members house (after getting approval to do that).  Most other requests can be submitted via e-mail.  Information is available under the Governing Documents and Forms tab.  From that tab choose Forms and forms and instructions will be accessible.